Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Hales dynasty et al.

From Friends Alive 


Lord Dog Brooce here serving in all my glory and pride. Oh and money lots of lovely lovely moolah yummy money money money, it's a rich man's world.. hard to be humble when you are in the Mayne's Richest People in Australia list eh! 
All made through hard work you know as a simple humble bookkeeper... I was such a good bookkeeper ...reminds me of that Gabor lady who had all the husbands - she was a good housekeeper; she divorced the husbands and kept the houses...bit like me and the books...I keep the businesses ha ha ha except for that frigging Traxx pommy bastard bizzo; bloody Norah Jones I tell you see, see it's these Poms...hate them...almost as much as Kiwis...hate them too. In fact I hate everybody except my dynasty...the royal line going through unimpeded to the Rapture with me The Lord's Special Rapture Coordinator as backed up by Scripture see; see it is all in the bible. 

Honest! You have to understand that because I said it, then it's the Truth! 

Has to be obviously. 

Clearly. The Lord would never let his servant down eh! Unthinkable.


Now go and be useful or something and get us a drink before I die of thirst. The liberty of the Spirit is what is demonstrated in a practical way see. See Paul, see see he was a practical man see. See, same as all these great men, and it is no different today mark my words...No different today see.


Oh and while we are waiting for drinks there is another thing see. See this Charity Partitioner thing; we are going to see to these rival leaping devil opposers first...sorted Richard Spray, and that Little Miss Muffet's daddy we will sort him out too, and and and that guy with his book telling absolute lies about Our Beloved....don't know what has happened to it...think The Lord has blown on it see, but see Mod is not gocked rest assured of that mm. very sorrowful and serious matter when things become fixed.. Very fixed matters you know. And serious. Not to be poked fun at. Not at all see.

Gee I am quite exhausted. WHERE IS MY SCOTCH?

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