Thursday, 3 October 2013

Snidey interactive music festival.


To say the day was a success would be an understatement. People gathered around the grand piano, playing and singing hymns, popular music, and just about anything else requested! Approximately 40 patients were able to attend, and many enthusiastically participated in the performance, proving the truth that music is best shared.


  1. How many were brethren in the audience. On the left and keeping 'separate' from the others?

  2. One can only assume that just like in a PBCC church, most people were sitting in the foyer rather than round the grand piano!

    Why did the person to the right of the obvious peeb put on long trousers and camouflaged wellington boots after the first picture was taken? Did he get in the sh*t for something? Or did he swap seats with Harry Trundletwerp?

  3. So for lack of any better entertainment that day, a few showed up for the sing along. Now why would the HEB have to brag on their website about that?

  4. The bloke in the wheelchair was only taken ill when he saw how much Scotch the bloke opposite had drunk during ' Hark Happy Saints'

  5. I think the peeblet who gets to write this uplifting feelgood happy stuff is on to a good thing. This may make one peeb who is able to come off their anti-depressants.