Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Relax in safety at Picton hall.

The PBCC offer Australian brushfire victims respite not in their homes, not in their meeting rooms but outside in the meeting room car park.

Preferably beyond the paved area in a straight line!



  1. At least they're doing SOMETHING... and hopefully it will be beneficial both to the nonBrethren who need the practical help, and to softening the hearts of the Brethren who so need to understand what 'charity with NO strings attached' means.

  2. So far so good. Maybe in time they will discover the force of the verse, “I was a stranger, and ye took me not in.” I have met several Muslims who were more Christian in this respect than most of the HEB. Maybe in time they will open their meeting rooms and their homes. They might entertain angels unaware, or Christ himself. It often happens.

  3. Well done brethren. I still don't think you are a charity by any stretch of imagination but the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Keep exploring your boundaries and one day brethren might discover that the world is actually full of love and kindness.
    Recent Leaver

  4. Members of the Exclusive Brethren may find that this new interaction and giving to worldlies leaves them with a feeling of charity towards them that starts to override what they have been taught over the years. They have been told by their supreme leader such things as, "You need to develop an utter hatred for the world", "You get too close to a worldlie and you can feel a sense of defilement", and here they are giving away food to those they hate and are keeping their distance from so they don't become defiled by them. I hope that they do it enough to start feeling it, then they might start to realise that it is a good thing to do and start to do it for genuinely charitable reasons. They may even start to see how daft the teachings are they have been under.

    But this group owes a lot to a lot of people. The Exclusive Brethren have admitted to hundreds of cases of abuse, but have done very little to fix up the mess and redress the abuse. They have apologised to many, but have not rectified the damage. Until they recompense the hundreds of victims that have suffered at their hands, what they are giving away is probably not rightfully theirs to give.


  5. The UK Charity Commission works in mysterious ways. Unfortunately, the continuous hour by hour details of "deployments" and details of varieties of fast food on offer, boasted on the PBCC Ltd website, does lead one to consider that the Exclusive Brethren are rather more concerned with image than anything else. There are so many who help in these situations, quietly and without publicity; including, no doubt, the original Rapid Response Team from the Billy Graham Evangelical organisation (from whom the PBCC took the idea).

    Anyone who has helped out in similar situations, usually finds that it is good fun to participate, now and again. It must be a change for PBCC members to interact with other folk, however briefly. As "Anonymous" mentions, it is certainly not charity, over the long haul. I do not think the PBCC have any concept of genuine charity, requiring empathy and consistency for the welfare of others. If so, why do they treat those who are nearest to them so badly?


    1. I am glad they are doing SOMETHING which is better than doing nothing.

      I wonder ... do they let these "worldlies" use the hall toilet facilities? The ones with no mirrors (Jtjr order).

      That could be so defiling. Unless they have portables available to save defilement.

      Phil T

  6. Illuminator you make excellent points - many of us carry out voluntary work and in many different ways but no one knows about it because we don't brag.... we don't need to. There is a verse in the Bible about this and no doubt someone can quote it? Something about not being puffed up?

  7. I've sometimes wondered why this group Exclusive Brethren often seems reluctant to allow non-members into their meeting halls. Perhaps someone could explain the reason for this?

    Our local (Anglican) church has a different approach:

    "We seek to be:

    an inclusive, family-friendly place for the community
    where people can be in touch with the spiritual,
    offer worship to God
    and find new purpose in life.

    We offer:

    a place of prayer where all can feel at home
    a place of shelter where the lost can know themselves found
    a place of pilgrimage where we learn and grow on our journey together
    a place of support and challenge to the community
    a place to meet with God."