Saturday, 5 October 2013

PBCC gender segregation

I've recently become aware that those who are investigating the PBCC at the moment may not be aware, interested in or informed about the fact that the HEB practises gender segregation. I'm worried that MPs, the Charity Commission, lawyers, academics etc may never have had an in depth conversation with an HEB woman.

Am I right in thinking that in the meeting women sit apart from (behind?) men? Is my memory correct that when a photo of a classroom in a UK HEB school was published earlier this year the girl pupils were sitting behind the boys? Is it still true that women in the meeting room are not allowed to contribute to the discussions about the Bible etc?


  1. Hi, yes. Women are not allowed to comment in their meetings, and sit in segregation from the men. I don't recall separated sitting in schools, although we were not allowed to play sport together. Also the women were not allowed to work once marrying, unless they were widows. These are all part of their uber conservative beliefs about women being supposed to be in the home not working etc. etc. and result in many smart and talented women (like my mother) being depressed and repressed, like beautiful birds trapped in cages unable to fly. It breaks my heart...

  2. As I understand it under the BDH regime, *some* married women are now allowed to do some work outside the home, if such work arrangement is pre-approved by the right HEB male.

    Of course hoards of HEB (male & female) are required to help with the upkeep, fundraising & running of the HEB schools worldwide (to say nothing of transporting their students vast distances twice every day), but in addition to this some ladies are also allowed to work for HEB-run - or possibly even run their own? - businesses.

    As long as it's all grist for the BDH money-making mill...