Sunday, 6 October 2013

PBCC Bagathon.



  1. Poor old Whitely Shopping Centre, pipped at the post by a mere 12,600 odd bags of ministry.

  2. "The PBCC is a vibrant church who holds the same faith as every true christian"

    I don't think so (he said sarcastically) - other christians do not divide families, when you leave most other churches you do not lose your family. grrrrrr makes me MAD


  3. Nor, I suspect are they vibrant. It all sounds rather dull and dreary. But what a curious way to describe themselves - a very defensive back-footed statement.

    But on the positive side, they have done well at this arms length, no contact with outsiders charitable donation.

    Do charitable donations make the donors a charity? No, of course not!

    Plymouth Brethren (Exclusive Brethren) Christian Church Ltd : FAIL.

  4. This church says it is the same as every other Christian, that is not the truth. I have tried for years to see my children, they have been so brainwashed they want nothing to do with me. That is not christian