Thursday, 3 October 2013

Massive overloading of meeting rooms yet again!

Today at 11 BDH is at Bristol (Almondsbury) BS32 4JJ see photo,  where no doubt the room will be dangerously overloaded as were Guildford and Dublin.

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  1. When the Fire Safety Officer/s turned up at the Bristol mtg last week, my HEB mole tells me the Breth were told that "the fire inspection man has been invited". Apparently there was "some scurrying around in the hall, but the aisles were fairly clear".

    Believe me, if fire breaks out in a packed HEB mtg-rm, there'll certainly be some *scurrying*, let me tell you! Do brothers have precedence in a fire evacuation, I wonder, seeing they're closer to God in the HEB version of male/female hierarchy? Sheesh.