Thursday, 3 October 2013

Harry Trundletwerp Esq. goes down under to attend the 'Jiggy Toons' festival.

Spot the difference.....


  1. Awesome, top notch , far out and fantabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This must have been just like Woodstock in '69, or was it '70, but without the crowds?

    Did the patients have one ice cream or two? We need to know, it's very important to the testimony at this juncture when the devil is attacking so ferociously.

  2. Dear Laurie - We should not knock doing anything good for someone else, whether it be PBCC or some other organisation.

    If you spend your entire life focusing on and looking for fault, it can of course be found.

    Why not sort your/our own faults out and try to get along with these people.
    Unhappy people have a habit of imposing their gripe on others instead of contributing something.

  3. Poster above.

    That would really depend on the motives of the people trying to do something good. Some deceitful people only do good to achieve their own ends, some people only do good when threatened with loss if they don't. That's just extremely selfish.

    Thankfully most people who do good things are so used to doing good things that they don't feel they have to crow about it, photograph and document it and have it verified by their MP.

    Guilty people have a habit of being overly interested in what others are saying about them.

  4. I expect even Hitler did some good sometimes in an attempt to convince others of how good he really was.
    I dont believe that doing good one minute and doing evil the next - as they have been doing for decades - is ok, it's not ok in fact. It is all part of the deception


  5. Any good that the HEB cult could ever do for the next hundred years or more will never outweigh the harm they have caused by breaking up families.