Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hales exclusive brethren / PBCC murder and suicide caused by evil doctrine.

There are a number of well documented cases of both murder and suicide mentioned in detail on the www.wikipeebia.com website :


One specifically comes to mind which is the case of Anna Napthine, who under the auspices of Oliver Woodcock's cruel regime as 'Leader' in London committed suicide as a result of the Symington driven 'seven day matter'

Is it possible that she was driven to death by suicide, and has Oliver Woodcock faced the proper authorities on this subject?

Anna's suicide notes and coroners report make interesting reading.

From wikipeebia;

Mrs Anna Joy Napthine (nee Brock) took her life on 25th August 1981. The cause of death was recorded as hanging, and the Coroner concluded that she killed herself.

She was found by her husband Peter when he returned to the family home in London, UK, after he had been out to the park with their two little children, Rebecca and Gary.

Anna was at the time under Exclusive Brethren ʽassembly disciplineʼ.

She had confessed to a sin some years before, for which she was forgiven although not withdrawn from. However in 1981 the EB leader of the day, J.H.Symington, put forward new teaching on 1 Cor 5:11-13, requiring that the assembly be ʽclearedʼ of all such matters. Anna and hundreds like her in the EB worldwide, had to be confronted with their sin all over again, and be withdrawn from for the statutory minimum, seven days. It was expected that Anna would be restored to fellowship after a week, but her case went on for some time longer, until she took her life.

The London Brethren buried her, and attended the Coronerʼs inquest which was held on 9 September 1981.

Anna was known to be vulnerable; she suffered with a nervous condition. According to the Police she was not on any medication at the time of her death.


  1. More theological error and evil perpetrated by this cult: By contrast, the Bible they purport to believe says:

    JND Version
    11 For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is his loving-kindness toward them that fear him.

    12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

    And the same thought is revealed in many other places. So if God Himself has removed our transgressions from us what right do they have to present them before us again. That's the job of the Devil. Why are they doing the Devil's work for him. He's the accuser of the brethren, not God.

    This is foul.

  2. Yes indeed the "7 day matter" of Symington's time. Yet others who had a nasty history were let off the hook. Take Symingtons own son Roy - what a tale of evil! This is a man who by his own admission lost his temper and inadvertently killed his own brother. His father (JHS) lied about it and said it was an act of God. After JHS died Roy Symington behaved so badly that the Peebs in Neche had no choice that they had no choice but to withdraw from him. After he was out he continued with the same behaviour (shady business deals,adultery etc.) until BDH came along and brought him back much the same as he did with Goose Gadsden. His wife divorced him and he then married a widow from Westfield. He then moved to Westfield and now appears to have moved to Los Angeles.
    What a reward for such a life - millions of money, a trophy wife 21 years his junior and a beautiful retirement home in sunny LA! Oh and no doubt he was at the recent meetings in Melbourne, giving a lovely address and sitting in the front row just like the old "Bristol" days!
    Incredible isn't it - the whole labyrinth of evil (Hales, Gadsdens and Symingtons ) lording it over the poor Peebs.