Saturday, 26 October 2013

Further to Athol's dovetail joint.

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A quote from Athol Greene (Father-in-law or Bruce D Hales:

"You won't change us," he says, fixing me with his old eyes. "You. Won't. Change. Us."

I have news for you Athol Greene, I think we (the exEB and supporters) have HELPED to change you and maybe you havent even noticed it at this time.

Through the Charities Commission in the UK we have assisted to spread your non-charitable status to countries far and wide. We have obviously caused you and your son-in-law Bruce D Hales some concern proved by the change of name last year from “Exclusive Brethren” to “Plymouth Brethren Christian Church”. Again the ex-Brethren and their supporters alerted the world to the fact you were one and the same.

Currently you are giving away money left, right and centre. Its amazing how much money a CHARITY has to give when the screws are put on them.

But something bigger and much more important and longer lasting is happening and you Athol, don't stand a chance of stopping it.

The gates of the Exclusive Brethren have been opened. No.. No... I don't mean their meeting room gates, although that could be in the near future.... I mean the gates that have been holding the members prisoners for all these years.

EB children are born... and attend EB schools, they finish school and work for EB or marry EB... they die and are buried by EB. How terribly boring.

But NOW in for example... Australia – the EB are feeling the adrenalin associated with charitable giving on a very personal scale. According to their website many are working WITH and BESIDE non-EB for the very first time. 

In NSW Australia..... As much as Athol Greene and probably Bruce Hales would hate to admit it, members of the Exclusive Brethren aka Plymouth Brethren Christian Church are currently in a position where they are able to be enlightened and inspired by the profesional status of the worldly Doctor's, Nurses, Social Worker, Firefighters and volunteers dealing with the fires.

I believe many young EB are currently finding out that 'Worldlies' are at least if not more Christian than many of the Brethren.

They say “The Lord moves mysterious ways”. 
Athol Greene "You may not be changed"

But He has shone a new light and it is capable of changing the Brethren.




Athol Greene & Denial Hales reclining after a Whisky session.


  1. Now we need for the PBCC/HEB to acknowledge the damage they have done to families with their separation policies and to change this policy so that we can see our families. They can never rightly claim they are a mainstream Christian group while their policy of separation, which causes the breaking up families, is in effect.

    1. Well said!

      The practice of "Separation from the rest of society" and "being for public benefit" are not compatible. They should either be a private club and not enjoy the benefits of a charity, or they should drop their separation edict and learn how to be charitable.

      It is sad to see what the Exclusives actually do when faced with this very simple choice.

      1. They say that the Charity Commissioners are their biggest enemy.
      2. They legally threaten people who say things that they don't agree with.
      3. They gather £millions in a fighting fund.
      4. They give food to the not-so-needy if there is some good publicity to be had.
      5. They set up websites and social network pages with fake comments.
      6. They include a roped-off area in some of their meeting rooms to demonstrate how they allow public viewing of a service.
      7. They have pre-arranged back-up services (with no mention of Bruce and pre-designed questions and answers) in case any public are present.
      8. They put on a nice spread with music for MP's.
      9. Etc, etc, etc.

      You. Won't. Change. Us.?

      Oh. Yes. We. Will.


  2. I agree anonymous. I like this post - well written piece. There are so many gems on Wikipeebia - thank you to all the contributors and thank you Laurie for reposting some of them on here.