Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fire service admits to being self sufficient.

From wikipeebia today;


We are self-sufficient by carrying welfare packs on each fire appliance, this will sustain the crew for up to 4 hours, beyond that we have an arrangement with a neighbouring Fire and Rescue Service to provide a canteen van. We do not have any arrangements with third parties to provide refreshments at an incident.


  1. So..... the PBCC (aka HEB) are wasting their money!

    1. As well as their lives trapped in this cult.

  2. That's only the Oxfordshire Fire Service. Wiltshire already have an agreement with the PBCC, it's in their September 2013 magazine. I've just tried to educate them a little!

  3. Wiltshire Fire Bridgade
    New incident welfare arrangements
    We have recently reached an agreement with the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church for them to assist in supplying refreshments at larger incidents.
    The church has a global Rapid Relief Team (RRT), with the mission statement of ‘supporting local communities in times of need’. The main focus is on catering for emergency crews and providing food and support for the community.
    The RRT in Wiltshire will respond to incidents anywhere in the
    county, with coordinators based in Salisbury, Chippenham and
    Swindon. These coordinators will be contacted by Control and then ring round for volunteers – with up to 20 available for large incidents.
    Incident commanders can request welfare support for any incident, but it is generally advised that a job should last more than three hours or involve more than 15 staff to merit calling in the RRT.
    Wiltshire FRS has already benefited from the support of the Plymouth Brethren – a team of volunteers from the church attended a large incident at Luckington Manor last Autumn and provided welfare for a number of hours.
    GM Ian Rennie has now signed a memorandum of understanding with the church to establish how this support can be provided on a more formal basis.
    He said: “We’ve had a gap for a long time in how we provide welfare and refreshments at incidents, so the generous support of the Plymouth Brethren’s Rapid Response Team is very welcome. This service is free of charge to Wiltshire FRS – the church provide this as a community initiative. Their volunteers fully understand that they are part of the incident management structure when they attend the scene, and their supervisor will liaise directly with the incident commander.”
    The existing Service Order on welfare is under review and will include the details of the mobilising procedure; however, the rules are flexible and Plymouth Brethren are very keen to support us and the other emergency services.