Friday, 4 October 2013

Daily factual evidence of detriment and harm continues to arrive fromboth former and current PBCC members


The PBCC will struggle to argue that they offer public benefit to the wider community when they continue to date inflicting terrible abuse on families of both members and ex-members.

Mssrs. Hales and Christie, surely it's time you cleaned up your act and carried out a comprehensive audit of detriment and harm caused by your Church, all of which are due to your crazy unbiblical, unChristian rules relating to 'separation and education.'

Put right your wrongs with those your church has harmed, which incidentally involves more than a watery apology or hastily contrived note.

Unless you put your hands up in the air and then into your pocket, which will hurt you, the PBCC will not make an inch of progress in its attempt to raise it's public profile.

Above all, STOP ripping off the British taxpayer!

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  1. Brilliant posting.

    Why on earth would the Exclusive Brethren not want to carry out a comprehensive audit and put right their wrongs?

    Dear Brethren, if you get to read this please act. During The Review, many victims were apologised to for bad treatment at the hands of the Brethren. Much of this bad treatment caused huge loss. You have a duty to try and put this right and that will mean some humility, effort and cost on your part. But to not even try to fix the consequences of your abuse and offer some redress to those you have wounded is a horrendous dereliction of duty - IMO.