Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Charitable Status for Religious Institutions Bill 2013-14

Peter Bone's bill gets it's second reading.


  1. I am shaking my head in disbelief at reading about the resurrection of MP Peter Bones ill advised 10 Min Rule Bill from the last parliamentary session 2012/13

    Does Mr Bone still have his head in the sand ?, to the extent that he still ignores all the communication and available documented information regarding the Harm and Detriment caused by the Exclusive Brethren aka, from Nov 2012, as Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

    The only reason Peter Bones Bill exists is to support the Exclusive Brethren in their fight with the Charity Commission. In order to launch his original 10 min rule Bill in the 2012/13 parliamentary session he used the Exclusive Brethren case as his Bill’s cause celeb !

    There exists in the Charities Act, recently clarified and revised by the Charity Commission in 2013, a clause of “Test of Public Benefit” to be met by all charitable institutions including religious ones. This was introduced to ‘protect the UK public’ from so called charitable organisations perpetrating harm and detriment, clearly a very worthwhile and beneficial test

    All organisations aiming to achieve privilege of charitable status must currently pass this test and thousands of religious based groups have passed since it was introduced. It’s not a problem for religious groups generally to pass the test, as the main activities are for the benefit of the whole community, not just the church, and most churches and religious groups don’t harm the general public or their members.

    This is unlike the Exclusive Brethren who separate from non members, don’t eat or drink with non members, divide families, separate from all other Christians etc etc

    In June 2012 the Exclusive Brethren failed the public benefit test. They then launched a huge multi million (£) rebranding and pr campaign, accompanied by intensive MP lobbying. Only half a brain is needed to see that one aspect of the campaign is to lobby for the removal of the “Test of Public Benefit”

    “We don’t meet the test, so lets get rid of the test” !!

    Peter Bone MP was among a few MP’s sucked in by this lobbying and pr campaign hence why he introduced his 10 Min rule Bill late in 2012 which stated the following

    “All religious institutions to be treated as charities - Notwithstanding section 4 of the Charities Act 2011 (the public benefit requirement), all religious institutions are to be treated as charities, and section 4(2) of that Act shall not apply to them”

    The original 10 Min rule bill never got its second hearing and ended with Prorogation at the end of the 2012/13 parliamentary session. It now seems that Peter Bone has got a second reading on the Bill in Nov 2014 !

    No other religious group has a problem with the public benefit test. No other Christian Church has a problem with the public benefit test.

    Why is Peter Bone trying to remove something which protects the UK Public just to suit a minority self interest group ?, which is only campaigning for the removal of the test because it has “Failed” the test !!!

    The forlorn hope of the Exclusive Brethren is to remove the public benefit test, re classify all religious institutions as “Charitable”, thereby automatically bestowing charitable status on themselves, which is somehow going to stop the Charity Commission Tribunal !

  2. Peter Bone MP does have Facebook pages and twitter account to ask questions and post links on.....

  3. I can't see Mr Bone's bill going anywhere. The test of public benefit is there for a very good reason. To remove it would open the public purse in support of everything from Scientology to the Taliban. Only dodgy cults who want the financial benefits to serve themselves would want the public benefit requirement removed in my opinion.


  4. If you want some entertainment look up Mr. Bone on Wikipedia - what a sordid tale - he once earned the title of Britain's "meanest boss"! He now has his snout in the public trough along with his wife - the Peebs should be ashamed of associating with such a man but we know that Valdemort isn't capable of shame. I wonder if Mr. Bone has any offshore accounts?