Saturday, 19 October 2013

Bruce D Hales global leader of the Hales exclusive brethren or Plymouth brethren Christian church pronounces on the death of Steve Jobs

Extract from B. D. Hales pgs 15, 16 of Book 426, Bible and Gospel Trust, January 2012---- --------(BDH is referring to Steve Jobs)

That man that died the other day, I don’t want to fix on persons, but, see, what he’s created, the world wonders at it, the world just, the world is bedazzled by it, mesmerised by it. But they’re instruments of hell, there’s no question about it, they’re instruments of hell. Brilliant man, but he’s devoted his brilliance to creating instruments of hell. And God takes him away, I’ve got no doubt God took him away in His wrath. So we rejoice in that, we rejoice in that, when God acts against evil men. 

This article has been quoted here in accordance with International Copyright laws which allow work to be quoted for purposes of commentary, criticism and parody. 


  1. I am horrified by this outpouring of personal hatred. To rejoice at someone’s death and to pray for someone’s removal must be among the most anti-Christian of all the activities that are encouraged among Exclusive Brethren. Let us hope most of them write it off as a temporary aberration or a drunken rant, but is seems the Bible and Gospel Trust (a UK registered charity) has decided to preserve it and further disseminate it. Is that the sort of thing that is supposed to be for the public benefit, qualifying for tax concessions? If so, the Taliban ought to apply for charitable status too.

    If impressionable children are present when these sentiments are expressed or these prayers are said, I only hope they are drawing pictures or thinking about something else, otherwise their developing sense of values could be directed in an immoral direction. To indoctrinate children with this way of thinking would be seriously abusive.

  2. I can't think of any genuine Christian leader who would echo the wicked thoughts of PBCC World Leader Bruce David Hales. The man needs gagging. Little wonder that the PBCC are known to change the content of their bible readings when normal people are present. It wasn't so long ago that ALL computers were seen by Bruce David Hales to be 'instruments of hell', but then he realised how much money he could make with them. Let's just be thankful he is not a woman as he would be prostituting himself on every street corner.

    The man is a dangerous loose cannon.

  3. They have to change the content of even their gospel preachings when an outsider's present, I'm led to believe, as well as their reading meetings. "Our beloved brother" aka BDH, is a focal point even in the preachings I'm told.

    Kool-Aid territory. But they're still wised-up enough to know they can't exist without money, so they'll do anything - including making sure to leave BDH's name out of any meetings with an outside attendee - in the vain hope that this 'mainstream' behaviour will make the CC think they are publicly beneficial. Grim levels of deception for a so-called Christian church, in my book.

  4. Ezekiel 33:verse 11 -" Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord Jehovah, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live."
    Based on this scripture it sounds like the stuff being spewed out by BDH is coming from another source. By the way is Voldemort still in England?

  5. I think you forgot to add the usual disclaimer - and we don't want to give the PBCC any fuel for their fire.

    "This article has been quoted here in accordance with International Copyright laws which allow work to be quoted for purposes of commentary, criticism and parody.

  6. I was withdrawn from for owning an early mobile phone, a Sony Mar bar, it only stored 10 numbers and could not text and had no internet access. I lost all family as a result.....and wait for it, I was recently contacted by an priest wanting to discuss the way I was treated and meet up and talk about, and he contacted me by his personnel mobile phone. Get your head around that...

  7. they should actively pursue euthanising themselves...these so called 'people'.