Wednesday, 2 October 2013


From wikipeebia;

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Facebook page is headed
Family is at the heart of everything we believe and everything we do

https://www.facebook.com/PlymouthBrethr ... tianChurch

Two small words missing from that statement, 'Breaking' and 'up'.

As many of us with family, brothers, sisters, mums and dads we haven't seen or spoken to in years ( simply because we don't attend the same place of worship as them ) will testify on oath if necessary, the heading should truthfully read......BREAKING UP FAMILY IS AT THE HEART OF EVERYTHING WE BELIEVE AND EVERYTHING WE DO.


  1. The half truths and deceit that ooze out of this so called Christian Church are astounding and breathtaking.

    It proves yet again that nothing the Exclusive Brethren say, or publish in glossy brochures, or put in nice fluffy glossy websites can be taken at face value. They are as far from being Christian as its possible to get

    When a person, or family, are members of the Exclusive Brethren and are happy to be members then all is tickety boo

    Families and persons are kept together in the group, through - : busy group activity, fear of what will happen if they try to leave, ties to friendships, friends and family in the group, ties to generations of extended family, finances that are tied into the group, jobs that are tied into the group, brainwashing to think the group is the only one to have “the truth”, brainwashing to think “ALL” other Christians and Churches are inferior, brainwashing to think the life and world outside the group is ruled by the devil, control of every aspect of their lives from leaders, restricted access to communication such as mobile phones and computers which are monitored and of limited internet use, all activities, including eating and drinking only being done within the group

    If a person, or family is happy with all this then it would seem like a great enclosed bubble separate from the rest of humanity, although it still isn’t Christian as taught in the Bible.


    If a person, or family are unhappy with continuing to be members of the group and want to leave then the consequences are horrendous.

    At this point the needs and wishes of the family are furthest from the minds of the Gestapo Brethren Priests. The only thing that concerns them is enforcing the doctrine of “Separation”. If this means the family is broken up, then so be it. If this means spouses are divided, then so be it. If this means parents, children, grandparents, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, etc are split up, never to eat or drink together again and never to communicate normally again, then so be it. All that matters at this point is removing the persons or family who are leaving.

    This process can also mean using devious tactics of, fear, manipulation, persuasion, emotional pressure, psychological pressure applied to various members of the family wanting to leave, in order to try to make some of them stay within the Exclusive Brethren group. This happens most to the women and children as they are often the weakest psychologically and emotionally. If these tactics lead to the family breaking up then so be it.

    Things can be said such as “don’t leave where the Lord has placed you”, “salvation is with the brethren” , “salvation is found only in the assembly”, “if you leave you cant be a christian”, “if you leave you will be lost to the world”, “nowhere else has the truth”, “your parents are not following the Lords will”, etc etc.

    When you have been brought up in such a closed environment and brainwashed into thinking that you can only be a christian inside the Brethren group (or the “assembly” as members call it), these tactics and emotional pressures are very damaging

    This splitting up of family, generations of extended family, friends etc, happens even if the person or family leaving are Christian and just want to leave to go to a different Christian Church and have committed no sin as could be described in the Bible

    There are hundreds of official documents, court reports, news reports which expose the claim “Family is at the heart of everything we believe and everything we do” as a sham.

    This is what one Exclusive Brethren member said recently - "everyone is so on edge all the time, and people are being vindictive, and people are out to get each other in trouble, picking on each other, its horrible in there now". This person and their family want to leave but it appears they have their finances tied up by a controlling faction in their local meeting. A 'committee' dictates their daily allowances and controls their finances.

  2. Good post - what you say is totally true. I am weary emotionally of hearing from people who have lost close family and the distress that this causes. How can we challenge them on this on - I have noted the yellow ribbon activity, can we escalate this?
    Great work on this blog by the way