Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Universal Biscuit Tin aka UBT


  1. I feel sorry for those poor English HEB. They are just being pulled from pillar to post. I wonder what fantastic ideas will come out of his visit this time? Maybe an extra prayer meeting every morning??

  2. Here's one idea that has been circulating in the HEB recently, so I've been told by a current UK member:
    "The reason for the 'attacks' on the Brethren [whatever these might be... witness statements to the CC? I dunno, make it up to scare the troops] are that the outs are so jealous of the position."

    Ah, you GOT me, Beadie Aitch - I am wildly jealous of your pink UBT biscuit tin, would give my eye-teeth to have one of those 'positioned' in my kitchen. Lol - anzac bickie, anyone, or is the tin perhaps filled with Jammie Dodgers? or a new biscuit recipe called Christian Hypocrisies - they're sandwiched tightly together with a yummy cultic jam...

    Reading between the lines (it's easy to do, when you've once worn the EB headscarf or navy trousers), it is odd how the HEB have been indoctrinated to think of the Charity Commission case as an 'attack on the position'... Such a shame the HEB weren't instead encouraged to open their eyes and realise that their own dishonesty (public benefit, public worship, "we've always given to charity", etc) and separatist Christian nightmare policies, were TOTALLY VALID reasons for Preston Down's charitableness to be called into question by the CC.