Sunday, 22 September 2013

The greatest evil

Since 1960 the brethren have become more and more exclusive and more and more families have been divided. This for me, is their greatest evil.


  1. I agree Laurie. Nearly all those who leave lose members of their own family - this is also the case in many other similar groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses. They also shun anyone who leaves. My brother once told me it was to bring people back into the fold - this occasionally works because some cannot bear to be parted from their mothers, fathers or their children. But this kind of emotional pressure is surely wrong.

    I weep when I read messages from people on Facebook, those who have lost all their children for example and cannot see them.

    When my parents left, I lost my maternal grandparents and several aunts and uncles on both sides of the family as well as their offspring. Indeed I do not even know what offspring they have had. I do not see my brother and his large family - I do not even know what great nieces and nephews I have or even if I have any great great nieces and nephews.

    Meanwhile they continue to flaunt their so called charitable acts pulling the wool over people's eyes. The truth as we know it is otherwise.

    1. Just seen this - if they can be this charitable to complete strangers, why not to their own families

  2. This greatest evil is ironically driven by the Exclusive Brethren’s core doctrine of “Separation from Evil”.

    In their totally misguided, unbiblical and out of context desire to be “Separate” from anything outside of the group, they themselves perpetrate Evil through Harmful, Immoral and Unchristian actions

    Before the 1960’s (ie prior to James Taylor Junior’s leadership), the Exclusive Brethren maintained “Separation” from “ALL” other Christians and Christian Church’s which took the Brethren out of the earthly One Body of Christ we read of in Ephesians, Corinthians and elsewhere, thereby totally contrary to scripture

    A perfect example of this is what happened to the Chinese Missionary Watchman Nee in the 1930’s under the EB leadership of James Taylor Senior

    After the 1960’s under the so called “Man of God” James Taylor Junior, the Brethren became even more Exclusive & Separate

    The “No Eating with Outsiders” doctrine came in, which meant Exclusive Brethren members were not allowed to eat or drink with any non member, and that included any relatives who were non members and any Christians who were non members, which of course is completely contrary to scripture and brought in further division of families.

    The “Household Fellowship” doctrine came in, which meant that a family could not have any relative living with them in the same house, who was of adult age, but who was Not “In Fellowship” (ie a member of the group). This brought in further division of families.

    This resulted in further unscriptural doctrine being brought in, that of allowing babes in arms to take the communion bread and wine, thereby automatically designating babes in arms as “in fellowship” and a member, with no choice exercised and no confession of Christian faith !

    If a person leaves the group for whatever reason, even if they are a Christian and just want to exercise Religious Freedom Rights and go to a different Christian Church, they are “withdrawn from” and “shunned” under the doctrine of “Separation from Evil”. This means they are cut off completely

    Any persons not “in fellowship” i.e. not a member of the group, but who have relatives, children, spouses, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, grandparents, brothers or sisters etc, can Not : - eat or drink together, can not go on holiday together, can not go to weddings or funerals together, can not meet for birthdays, can not visit each other etc. In short they can not have normal relationships and do the normal things that other families take for granted, it is as if the other half of the family has died !

    This happens even if the person or family outside the group are actually Christian !, families have been divided for over 40 years because of these and other false doctrines and unchristian edicts.

    They claim to be Christian, yet the doctrine of “Separation from Evil” is completely contrary to the Christian Holy Bible and the teachings of Christ and has no part in the furtherance of the Christian Faith and therefore no public benefit. The practice of the doctrine of “Separation from Evil” also breaks Human Rights Laws and Religious Freedom Laws and impacts detrimentally on Education, Workplace and Community

    The doctrine of “Separation from Evil” is the Exclusive Brethren’s greatest Evil

  3. Some things never change Darby was an elitist, separatist too.

    This is from the world famous preacher C H Spurgeon.

    WE HAVE been requested to reply to a small tract which has been given away at the door of the Tabernacle, by one of the "Plymouth Brethren," but it is so devoid of all sense, Scripture and reason, that it needs no reply. We have not learned the art of beating the air, or replying to nonsense. The only meaning we could gather from the rambling writer's remarks was a confirmation of our accusation, and a wonderful discovery that a long controverted point is now settled; the unpardonable sin is declared to be speaking against the Darbyites. Our portion must be something terrible if this be correct, but we have so little faith in the spirit which inspires the Brethren, that we endure their thunderbolts as calmly as we would those of the other infallible gentleman who occupies the Vatican. Another of this amiable community, having detected an error in one of our printed sermons, has most industriously spread the tidings that Mr. Spurgeon is a blasphemer. At the doors of their meetings and by enclosures in letters this sweet specimen of Christian charity is abundantly distributed; more to their shame than to our injury. We are persuaded that neither the writer of that cowardly anonymous fly-sheet, nor any other Plymouthist, believes in his heart that Mr. Spurgeon would knowingly blaspheme the glorious name of Jesus, and therefore the issue of the pamphlet is, we fear, a wickedly malicious act, dictated by revenge on account of our remarks upon their party. Our name and character are in too good a keeping to be injured by these dastardly anonymous attacks. Neither Mr. Newton* nor Mr. Muller** would sanction such action; it is only from one clique that we receive this treatment. It is worthy of note that even the printer was ashamed or afraid to put his name to the printed paper. Our error was rectified as soon as ever we knew of it, and being fallible we could do no more; but these men, who pretend to be so marvellously led of the Spirit, have in this case deliberately, and in the most unmanly manner, sought to injure the character of one who has committed the great sin of mortifying their pride, and openly exposing their false doctrine.