Sunday, 22 September 2013

Please feel free to suggest any topic relating to the HEB for discussion - ALL are welcome!

Following on from Richard Stay's hugely successful blog relating to the HEB / PBCC which placed huge pressure on the said cult, I feel it only right to continue focussing the spotlight on this fearsome sect which has destroyed and continues to destroy so many families.

Feel free to mail me suggestions for topics to be covered here

I will be adding links to various interesting articles and sites on a regular basis.

Interesting 'ministry'  will be added together with audio files of recent meetings and various priestly visits etc.

Employees and competitors of Hales exclusive brethren / PBCC companies are welcome to air grievances and concerns, as are teaching staff in any of the Focus Learning Trust Schools.


  1. Is Richard's blog no more? First thing I did each day was log in for a laugh at the peebs' arrogant and indignant contributions!

  2. Richard's blog is down for the moment, I dare say the HEB will start a renewed salvo here!

  3. Why on earth do they only allow "well disposed" persons at only 1 of the their supposedly public meetings, when they have at least 10 of them per week? And didn't Jesus say He came to save the not well disposed of the world?! So why are they excluded? That doesn't sound like much public benefit or charity.

    If the world is such a bad place as the PBCC previously Exclusive Brethren tell us it is, surely as Christians (or followers of Christ) they would be wanting to do all they could to save all of those in it, just like like Jesus Christ Himself did, and not keep out all the wicked sinners that Jesus died to set free... something is very wrong with this picture.

    1. S Quirrel . Christians worldwide are well known for excluding certain people. Whether they decide to exclude people the right to publicly air certain types of opinions, or whether it be that they decide to exclude certain people in person.

      Either way Christians worldwide are well known for being involved in this sort of practice.

      But thankfully these days we can always use the power of the internet, to help publicly expose this practice.Which is what we fully intend to do too, should we experience it happening

      Only ignorant fools would care to promote ideas of obtaining their own freedom.While also dabbling in refusing it of others

  4. I was raised Tunbridge Wells Exclusive Brethren, rather than Taylor Hales Exclusive. Here's the book I wrote about it:

    My own blog is

  5. Ha ha another site on which i hope the peebs will expose themselves further?

    The Verger

  6. Any chance of arranging a meeting with Bruce Hales when he visits shortly?


  7. Thank you for taking this on Laurie. The exposure of the harm caused by the Hales Exclusive Brethren needs to continue.

  8. Well hello!
    Isn't it great that the Lord always has his man in reverse.
    Thank you belubbed bruvver for stepping into the breech to uphold the standard in this broken day

  9. Well done on setting this up,

    The more opportunities to explain and warn the public about the real truth and harm the Hales Exclusive Brethren perpetrate under the thin cloak of Christianity and Commerce, the better for the public good

    The Hales Exclusive Brethren (flying under the disguise of the invented name of Plymouth Brethren Christian Church as of August 2012) must never be allowed again to think they can do whatever they like and say whatever they like with impunity.

    The key doctrine of “Separation from Evil” in the way the Hales Exclusive Brethren practice it, has absolutely no public benefit at all, nor is it even Christian or of the Bible.

    It is this doctrine which governs all of their beliefs and practices

    The Harm, Detriment and Inhumanity caused by this doctrine impacts every aspect of the group, such as, family and relatives, everyday restrictions of members, any and all other Christians/Churches outside of the group, schooling, working environment, any attempts to exercise religious freedoms (eg if a member tries to leave), etc

    I also hope Richard Stay’s Blog is brought back on line soon, the more exposure the better

    1. I am glad that you put “Separation from Evil” in quotation marks, because it needs them. Separation from evil is not what the Exclusive Brethren practise. They practise separation from non-members, which is a very different thing. “Separation from goodness” would be a more accurate name for it, because most of the people and things they separate from are good people and good things.

    2. Ian, thanks for your reply.

      You are correct, the so called doctrine of "Separation from Evil" is a total misnomer. I only use it because that is the phrase the Exclusive Brethren use in their websites, pr spin, documents and when they speak to MP’s and lobby the UK Parliament.

      It was Garth Christie, who when questioned in the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee in late 2012, about the Brethren’s policy of “Separation” by MP Paul Flynn, tried to clarify it as “Exclusive from Evil” which is a total falsehood.

      As we know the Exclusive Brethren are “Exclusive” and “Separate” to –

      Any non member
      Any member who chooses to leave the grp
      Any Christian who is a non member
      Any family or relations who are non members
      Any Churches not “in fellowship” or “in the assembly” with the Hales Brethren

      By Garth Christies own definition, this means all those in the list above are designated “Evil” by the Exclusive Brethren !

      Yet, to give one crucial example of the hypocritical, confused, deceitful mess the Exclusive Brethren have created, they say former leader James Taylor Junior, an alcoholic, womaniser, who was found in bed with another mans wife, and who introduced false unchristian unbiblical doctrines, is actually a “Pure Man of God”, who they call “Our Beloved” !.

      By Garth Christies own definition that’s certainly not “Exclusive from Evil”

      It was JN Darby who used the phrase “Separation from Evil” in his “ministry” tract called “Separation from Evil – Gods Principle of Unity”

      In the modern Exclusive Brethren from James Taylor Senior onwards to the current universal leader Bruce Hales, the so called “Separation from Evil” doctrine has developed into an Evil, Iniquitous and Inhumane dogma with practices completely without foundation in the Christian Faith and Holy Bible.

      I have gone on to explain some aspects of the real meaning of this unchristian doctrine in the thread titled –

  10. On the EB/PBCC Facebook page earlier this month they have posted a Sunday Devotion which says:

    "[There is] then now no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus. Romans ch8 v1"

    So why is it, that my Brethren family & friends are so FULL of condemnation toward non-members' Christian positions, to the point that Brethren will not fellowship, not eat or drink, only relate condescingly and stiltedly... there is NO closeness or harmony or inter-linking with other Christians (let alone other non-Christians) at all! To me it seems like total hypocrisy to post such a thing on their website, when they directly or indirectly, openly or secretly, condemn every other Christian position worldwide by their refusal to fellowship!

    Charity Commission, please take note. So many examples of the EB/PBCC speaking with forked tongue...even to the very name they've used since just a few months ago.

  11. Hope everyone will keep sending contributions to The Charity Commissioners - especially anything which exposes their fake current "charitable" actions such as sandwiches for extremely well paid firemen! If they admire firemen so much, why won't they let their members join the fire service!! Truly they are completely clueless as to what constitutes charity.

  12. Hello to anyone there.....especially to any associated with publishing this helpful blog. Greetings from America.

    Would like to chat with witnesses from AUS and UK regarding Ex Brethren cult practices and domination/harrassment of teachers from their schools as well as the flow of public money from AUS/NZ schools to the coffers of the American school system called "Sterling Education".

    Many may not yet be aware that this sect is washing Australian tax grant money through 35 campuses in America while abusing American employees and teachers. Child abuse rampant, gender and religious discrimination, severe civil rights violations while claiming "not for profit" status that is for "public good" even as schools operate as closed private entities.

    Tremendous lawsuit imminent. All blogs and sites originating in America have been forced to shut down from Brethren lawsuits......

    a true historian would be greatly appreciated.....

    1. Members of the PBCC need to consider the word "Hales" spelt backwards, and have a good think!!!