Sunday, 22 September 2013

More lies & deceit...


  1. I see the Peeb is wearing gloves to handle food. So why then is he shaking hands with someone while wearing those gloves? Who is checking the hygiene standards here and at the other publicity stunts?

    1. Wrong! The peeb is wearing gloves to shake hands with a worldly.

  2. Just pathetic.

    Please somebody in the HEB explain why you are doing all these unneeded charitable acts in the UK but not in the other countries of the world. Could it be that you are only trying to preserve your charitable status and that it really has nothing to do with actually being charitable?

    Why all of a sudden when for years and years and years the Hales Exclusive Brethren did nothing for the "worldlies" and in fact you would get in trouble if you did try to be charitable?

  3. The photo itself is obviously stage managed, how dare they claim not to advertise their presence?

    On pie days they let the kids loose on the street, advertising the fact that for one hour in many weeks, they are giving away some cheap food. I've heard that sandwich boards have been used too. Very apt!


  4. Yes they used sandwich boards with the kids here in Beckenham. Don't think they have had one for a few months though.

  5. Do they contact the firefighters in advance so they can get the gold initials on the front of those JND bibles?

  6. The Rapid Relief Team idea was taken from the Billy Graham organisation's Rapid Response Team; this was set up post 9/11, having been informally deployed during that tragedy.The latter is properly organised with full contact details for the public and professional training seminars which, I believe, are required if you are a team member.

    The Hales Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) in their unseemly rush to become respectable, in only a year, have no qualms about hijacking the history of the Brethren movement, to whom they have as close a relationship as the Waco Davidians had to their Seventh day Adventist roots; nor do they mind plagiarising the Billy Graham evangelical movement who, incidentally, offer empathy and counselling, as well as practical assistance. The Hales Exclusive Brethren (PBCC Ltd) policy of separation from evil (anyone not in their organisation) results in a rather limited involvement in the welfare of others. They have little history of, or concept about, genuine charity; hence their over excited, over publicised stunts in a belated claim to continue to receive public support which has been inappropriately allocated for over 50 years.

  7. Well said Illuminator. Excellent points

  8. That fire fighter's sideburns are way too long for him ever to become a member of the PBCC, even though he's getting a free bible.