Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ministry of Bruce D Hales (Sydney) worldwide leader of the Hales exclusive brethren / PBCC

Reading at Hutt, Monday April 24, 2006.

White Book 116 Page 15. 

The evil in these big cities is terrible. But you can go through it without being contaminated by the evil. 

You don’t have to know about it, and you don’t have to be contaminated by it. And if you do, if you do contract some defilement, you—we had a beautiful preaching on it yesterday, wasn’t it, the red heifer?.... 

…… so that we can get free if we do get contaminated. 

See, you come in touch with worldly people, if you get a little too close to them, you’ll have some sense of defilement. See, our beloved brother used to counsel us, and it’s good counsel for young people. Don’t talk to them about anything else except what the subject you want to talk to them about.


  1. So that's why they wear gloves at the food photo opportunities - so they don't get contaminated by the public (who they claim are benefitting from their activity)!

    Public Benefit? Public Whitewash!

    The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church must really think the Charity Commissioners are stupid to believe their photo opps as genuine charity!

  2. Exclusive Brethren members, please can you tell everyone, how this so called “Christian Ministry” fits the message of Jesus and the Christian Bible ?

    In Matthew 5, Christians are taught many crucial aspects of Christianity by Jesus. In verse 13 to 15 we get the message of Salt and Light

    An everyday essential item, Salt is also a preservative and cleanser, but unless it’s used as such, it remains dormant inert salt crystals. This means it has to be rubbed into, mixed with, or put next to something for it to realise its purpose

    If Christians, (Salt), are not active in the world around us, not engaged or in contact with humanity, not able to influence or demonstrate the love and message of Christianity to our fellow men, women and children, (without hypocrisy i.e. background of divided families), we are not “fit for anything” !. This also applies if we become assimilated to iniquitous traits, hypocrisy, illegal acts, bearing false witness, etc, so the influence of Salt fails.

    It is impossible to be “Salt” in this world if you are taught to keep “Separate” from your fellow man and that contact will somehow contaminate and defile you !!. It’s also impossible to be Salt in this world if you are a hypocritical group propagating false and unchristian teaching and deceit, with a background of divided families, i.e the Exclusive Brethren !


    Hales Exclusive Brethren are taught anyone not with "them" and in “their” group of Brethren is “In The World” !

    We know this, because if a person leaves the group to go to a different Christian Church it is said by the Brethren the person “has gone into the World”

    By default, “All” other Christians and “All” other Christian Churches are labelled as being “In The World”, so, when Bruce Hales and the Exclusive Brethren speak of -

    “you come in touch with worldly people, if you get a little too close to them, you’ll have some sense of defilement”

    That includes “Any” other Christian outside the Exclusive Brethren !

    How denigrating to the 2.5+ Billion other Christians around the globe. What nonsense it would be to claim any kind of “public benefit” to this teaching. What nonsense it would be to claim the Exclusive Brethren group somehow furthers the cause of the Christian faith !

    When Bruce Hales tells the 43,000 members “You don’t have to know about it”, how is “Not Knowing” going to help persons ?. How can Brethren (who are supposed to be Christians), pray properly for persons in need ?. How can Brethren be Salt and Light to persons in need if they don’t know about them and are taught to have no contact with them ?

    The teaching of the Exclusive Brethren reminds me of those Jesus talked about in Luke 10. Where Jesus is being goaded and tempted by a lawyer in verse 27, Jesus gives the following response –

    “But he answering said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thine understanding; and thy neighbour as thyself”

    Dear Exclusive Brethren, you cant “love your neighbour as yourself” if you are taught your neighbour will defile and contaminate you. Your neighbour is your fellow man, in the street, town, city, region, and in the world in which you live, not just those who sit next to you in the meeting room !

    Later on in Luke 10 Jesus reinforces the point with the parable of the Good Samaritan.

    Exclusive Brethren, do you think it was in Jesus's mind to be concerned about defilement and contamination, when he spoke of the Samaritan helping, with close personal contact, the robbers victim, after the Priest and the Levite had passed by on the opposite side ?

    Exclusive Brethren, is it showing compassion and mercy and loving your neighbour as yourself, to continue to maintain divided families and refusing to eat or drink with anyone not in your group ?