Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hales wings his way to the UK to patch up a leaky ship and rap various knuckles!

From friends alive:

This is a secret. Hales is going to Britain in a few days now instead of next month.

Must be the scent of the money. Maybe trying to get Trax back on its wheels. His "buy high, sell low advice hasn't worked."

Cut price seminars on the way, maybe.


  1. I hope he's bringing a large chequebook with him. Every time you see PBBC giving cheques to charity they are always huge. It's just a pity that the amount payable doesn't ever match their physical size.

  2. BDH was at St Etienne last Sunday apparently. And a letter was read out at tonight's prayer-mtg asking for extra prayers in view of an alleged meeting this Wed 9th Oct at parliament with (sympathetic?)MPs & the CC. ??not sure what that's all about...