Monday, 30 September 2013

Grievances relating to the Hales exclusive brethren cult.

If anyone needs to air grievances about the Hales exclusive brethren cult now known as the Plymouth brethren Christian church, I would suggest writing to Garth A Christie at ;


Together with Bruce K Hazell at ;


Then copy in your local Member of Parliament whose name you can find on the UK parliament website;


Baroness Elizabeth Berridge (berridgee@parliament.uk) and the Charity commission lawyers  ( marion.shanley@ charitycommission.gsi.gov.uk ) together with ( claire.wills@ charitycommission.gsi gov.uk ) ought also to be copied in together with Inform who are the UK governments resource for information about new religious movements, minority religions an alternative spiritualisation ( inform@ LSE.ac.uk )

These folk NEED to hear from you in order to correctly evaluate and assess the HEB/PBCC.

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