Tuesday, 21 November 2017

If it Waddles & Quacks

From a chum who has arrived at the same conclusion:

Well, the PBCC are not a mainstream church, but apparently they qualify as a mainstream cult...

The Effects of Religious Cults on the Health and Welfare of Their Converts



Thursday, November 4, 1977

"All of the groups that we are talking about have living leaders who are demonstrably wealthy. The beliefs of all these cults are absolutist and non-tolerant of other systems of beliefs. Their systems of governance are totalitarian. A requirement of membership is to obey absolutely without questioning. Their interest in the individual’s development within the cult towards some kind of satisfactory individual adult personality is by their doctrines, very low or nonexistent. It is clear that almost all of them emphasize money making in one form or another, although a few seem to be very much involved in demeaning or self denigrating activities and rituals. Most of them that I have studied possess a good deal of property and money which is under the discretionary control of the individual leaders.

Most of the cults of concern consider themselves purely religious; some others appear to be more political. One of the most important of the common properties of such cults is the presence of a leader who, in one way or another, claims special powers or may even allow himself to be thought of as the Messiah. Such leaders do have special personal qualities, including a unique worldview and special willingness to effect drastic changes in the thinking and behavior of followers."

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Bruce David Hales-Evil Cult Leader and FamilyWrecker

The Hales Exclusive Brethren continue today to wreck families with their cruel policy of ‘separation’

I’ve not seen my youngest son Freddie for nearly 10 years!

This is Hales driven evil, implemented by Garth Anton Christie and Hales merry team of enforcers.

This wicked Cult can be and will be legislated out of existence by Commonwealth Law-Justice will prevail.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

What is Wrong with Ex-Peebs!


I don't understand why so many ex-Peebs are reticent to get involved in fighting against a foe that has ruined their lives to some extent. Despite the most glaring of events, evidence and facts, they soldier on in silence. (Apart from the usual vocalists - myself included. Who most people are sick of hearing from.)

Somebody somewhere has gone to great expense and time to set this website up. 

It is our only conduit of facts as they occur and information on this evil little cult that destroys people's lives. A cult that has more changes in direction and compromise in its integrity that any other.

Bruce Hales does not like these sites. He has successfully closed two down already, getting his UBT cohorts to pay dearly in cash, to pull the plug on the last one. With its loss went an awful lot of information and resources. Effectively, the Peebs won.

Without this site the Peebs get away with murder. There is no one out there who will simply report the facts on their increasingly litigious and evil ways. From paying bribes to hose down focus and attention on their attempts to discredit attacks by pedophiles in their midst, to their extraordinary new business ventures which even include 'memberships' from worldly businesses and individuals. All stuff that would have seen you thrown out years ago with the loss if everything. 

Today the Brethren are literally a big business masquerading as a church. With all the profits filtering through to the top. Hales has delivered the perfect system to ensure that he and his extended family and buddies live in luxury and operate with impunity. They remain unchallenged and unimpeachable. Their 'congregations' are held in perpetual fear if they speak out or utter a whimper of dissent. 

As most must work for brethren businesses, have mortgages with Brethren loans and have extended families within the group, they know that if they step out of line and feel their wrath, they lose the lot. So they are held in that fear and not a bond where they have any free choice. Their only bond should be the love of God. But God takes a back seat to the Hales. 

This requires a healthy amount of discussion and input from those people that know better - or know anything. 

There are plenty of recent leavers who contribute nothing to the blogs and articles. They should. What is your problem? 

Without your input, we don't get to know the current truths and actions of this group that flies in the face of so many human rights issues. You can be anonymous. This site was set up so its origins cannot be traced. Sad that we have to fight them this way, but Hales loves courts. Even after he loses. 

Then there is the case of many non- Brethren professionals like journalists who go out on a limb to report their evils and are subjected to a world of hate and litigation when they report the malevolence of this group of people. It takes it out of them. They cannot do this alone. Michael Bachelard wrote a very well researched book about the Brethren and their blatant misguided cruelty to so many people and those that should be most vocal about it - sit mute while the maelstrom occurs around them. 

If you are a recent leaver, say the last decade or so, say something. Tell us something we don't know. Tell us something that adds weight to our many arguments. Say something that increases the spotlight of focus and pressure for these people to start doing the right thing for once in their lives. 

The PBCC is a farce. It is a church that went off the rails at the hands of some frankly unstable people, with thousands bearing the consequences of their strange anti-Christian dictums and hundreds being so deeply affected that they took their own lives or went slowly mad. 

No religion should force you to go against what the bible says with regard to parents and families and marriages, but the Brethren do. They make it up as they go along. 

No religion should force you to work for them and them alone. No religion should force you to pray for (and contribute financially) to a particular political party. Even though they do not vote like everyone else. No religion should form a pronouncement on you without the right of a comeback or proper discussion. No religion should force its adherents to dissociate with family members for life. No religious organization should have at its head, a bloody big business, which you must contribute to on request or be socially ostracized for non- involvement or compliance. No religion should have a hierarchical system that is underlined by the importance of how much money people have. 

No religion should have closed order schools where worldly children are banned - but expect the people they regard as dirty and evil to pay for them. The PBCC do!

Get off your bottoms and get writing. Start saying something that adds impetus to this vile system that hurts so many people. Stop leaving it up to the few who spend hours trolling the internet for information and newspaper articles and law reports. 

If we lose this site - we lose our voice. 

And without a voice- they can do anything they bloody well please. And you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Stop leaving it up to the usual suspects to grind away their dissent at their keyboards. Get involved today. If you don't, this whole argument, this whole campaign becomes a stagnant waste of time. And you deserve the loss that you feel each and every day. 

I'll shut up now- Over to you. And someone, tie Fisherman up. And me too.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Bruce & Dean Hales [Exclusive Brethren Leaders] Continue to Hide Sexual Abuse within the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church

Poor Hales & Co. still brush it under the carpet and hide the facts from their cranky congregation....the HellBoundTrain continues apace with the Devil himself as the engineer...

Revoke Charitable Status Globally [or certainly within Commonwealth Countries] ought to be the order of the day for The Prime Minister Theresa May  as this family breaking cult continue to hoodwink society-oh and cost the UK Treasury C.£100million/annum

As a result of their policies I have not seen my own son for 10 years!



A drunkard lay on th bar-room floor

He drank an' dranked till he couldn't drink no more

He went to sleep with a troublin' brain

An' dreamed he was on th hellbound train


The fireman was a crazy tramp

On th headlight was a brimstone lamp

The tank was full of lager beer

An' th Devil, himself, was th engineer


He blowed th whistle an' he rung th bell

The Devil said, boys, the next stop is Hell

All the passengers yelled with pain

And begged th Devil to stop th train


But th Devil laughed at his mission

He hollered an' hollered an' yelled with glee

You have paid your fare, with th rest of th load

Now, you will ride to the end of th road


You have robbed th weak an' wronged th poor

You have turned hungry fellers from your door

You have laid up gold till your purse will burst

You have hurt young girls with your beauty lust


You have mocked at God with your stupid pride

You have wounded an' killed this an' died

You have double crossed an' you state, you belong to me

Now, body an' soul


You have paid your fare at th Shamrock bar

I knew you we'll ride in th Devil's car

An' here one time when you know, lame

I'll carry you all, to th land of fame


Your brains will burn in th flames that burn

You will scream an' scream an' mourn

Then th bar-room door rang with its scream fits

An' th drunkard woke from his fallen dream


Down on his knees on th bar-room floor

He prayed as he never prayed before

An' his prayer was not in vain

An' he rode no more on th hellbound train

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Plymouth Brethren Christian Church Oxygen & Gentleman’s Shirt Thieves [Shirtlifters]

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church members not only rob the universe of much needed oxygen, but furthermore a certain member namely David James Stacey (of Enfield Safety Supplies) stole shirts from Harrods (a little store in Knightsbridge whilst in their employ) does Mister Bruce David Hales know the sordid details?

If not he might care to question Mister John Terrence Hayes on the said subject.