Friday, 19 August 2016

Thank you to my parents for walking away from the Exclusive Brethren

I am so proud they had the resilience, fortitude and conviction to get us out of that oppressive cult.


Oppressive, religious, strict, controlling, fear-installing, secretive, emotionally suppressive... These would be the words that would begin to express some of my memories of my early childhood in the Exclusive Brethren sect.

Other, more pleasant, memories would include family times, laughter, music, singing and a sense of community. But most of these originated within our own home.

I was born into the exclusive Brethren cult. Before the age of ten - when we were excommunicated - my childhood memories consist mainly of the controlling church system we grew up in.

It infiltrated and influenced every part of our lives, how we expressed our emotions, the roles of men and women ( strongly misogynistic).

* Insider reveals secrets of the wealthy Christian sect Exclusive Brethren
Exclusive Brethren: Sect's secretive leader tells followers to drink rat poison
Police investigation into Gloriavale 'ongoing'


We had no TV, no radio, no fiction books, newspapers, magazines, and outsiders were not allowed to come inside for a cuppa.

My parents struggled with many of the rules and regulations. The many changing rules depended on the King Pins or Top leaders. They called it the Man of God's whim or personal interpretation of the Bible.

As a result of my parents asking questions and seeking truth, they were shut-up or put in coventry for not complying to certain pathetic rules such as not putting their hair down or wearing a head covering.

My mum confronted them and said they were elevating men to the position of god and challenged that the were fast becoming a cult.

Consequently, we were excommunicated. This involved being completely cut off from having any contact with family members still remaining within the cult.

To those of you asking why we didn't leave sooner, it meant saying goodbye to a lifetime of friends and family, in most cases, forever. My mother never got to see her older brother again.

I personally just found some cousins I never knew existed after 46 years. Oh the joy!

Bearing in mind this had been our whole existence and we had to attend meetings almost every evening and about six meetings on a Sunday starting at 6am. Those breakfasts out were quite a nice social event.

This is just a wee part of my story. Following leaving the EX Brethren my life consisted of facing fear tactics and bullying received through the cult we had been brought up in and some deprogramming.

What I observed my parents facing was nothing short of torturous and physcological torment. My father was asked to leave his wife and six kids and, to his credit, he stayed with us.

I am so proud they had the resilience, fortitude and conviction of their own beliefs, based on truth and freedom, to get us out of that oppressive cult.

So thank you to my late mother and father. Thank you for giving us the freedom to choose, love, laugh and live and embrace faith that sets us free!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Rule No. 1. 'Make them buy your books.'

If they were giving out awards for flapping your gums, then Bruce D . Hales is the 'Champ-een' of the world. 


The bible as we and the world knows it, is only 1510 pages long including all the notes and stuff. Written we are told over huge passages of time with contributors galore, it just manages to break the 1500 page benchmark, not including its Moroccan hide exterior. 


The INDEX to Bruce D Hales utterances however, in a bit over a decade- and after a shaky start- is sitting at 1454 pages and counting. Because he's still talking. So the basis of religion with all of its stories and ideals, its psalms and epistles, its parables and persuasions, written over many hundreds of years, will fall dramatically behind in the word count sometime this month. 


The Stow Hill boys fingers must be a flurry on those keyboards and their PC's must glow red hot with the daily input of Hales' doctrinal wisdom and double takes. And chastisements. These scribes play the game of Plymouth Brethren Roulette - edit and be damned or don't edit and be doubly damned, as one found out recently when he let some unguarded words of Hales run through to the wicketkeeper and the printing press. 


Remember - I said INDEX. Not the actual ministry itself, which, by conjecture, must run at several hundred thousand pages. So what we are talking about here is a lot of talking. As opposed to - doing. The Brethren are very good at talking. Doing anything that benefits their fellow man is well down the priority list though. Well if you can see past the rotund tummies of highly nourished fire-fighters, filled with the fruits of the toil of corpulent sisters, that is. Extended to them in latex-gloved hands that will never be contaminated by the evil of this world. 'Eat my sandwich - but be damned if you think I will eat mine with you!' is the Hales mantra on the subject. (BDH Volume 233 - Page....well I forget - but it's in there somewhere.) 


To do an expose of the saucier bits of this index would be a job for someone like John Nelson Darby. A huge undertaking! It would take years - our Man of God as it were, being so dynamically prolific in the verbiage department. But over the next few weeks I am going to give it a try. 


The Brethren are very proud of their ministry stashesThey are cache's that - despite their sheer worthlessness in the scheme of things, represent their biggest capital investment since they bought the house and the new Hyundai people mover


I remember ours when I was a kid. One entire wall in the drawing room given over to its guardianship. Each oak shelf groaning under the volume-enousweight of words. Stressing and deforming God's most venerable tree stock to almost breaking point. Sadly, in this day and age, the Brethren bookshelves now visibly scream under the collective weight of Los manifiestos de Hales. You could buy a decent house with their collective expense. Much like the Scientology fiscal cornerstone - book selling being the way of making the 'church' rich before you hit them up for good old plain cashI think Ron Hubbard got the idea from the Peebs actually.


Hales being the marketing genius that he is, decreed that they also need the 'Pocket Hales' volumes. For ready reference. "What would Mister Hales say?" Peebs go about their daily routines they would have us believe, with Hales subliminally by their sides, pulling the choker collar on their compass and pointing their heads in the right direction with one of his awkward and at times, increasingly cryptic demands. From his little white paperbacks. Simon and Schuster have nothing on this guy. In time he will put J.K Rowling in the shade. In both sheer volume and income. 


Which begs the question. Who really reads all this drivel? I mean - most of it is just a rehash of the un-rehashable.  I know of some Peebs, who haven't looked at their ministry hoard in decades. It is conserved in a healthy coating of accumulated dust that will never be wiped off in their lifetime. It's just not a place that they go to anymore. After working for an ungrateful Peeb all day - they must go every night to entertain more ministry generating talk before getting home utterly knackered at 9.00 pm. 


The last place you are going to go, is for another session in front of a protesting bookcase for another dose as it were. There comes a point where your average Peeb is 'full'. Their eyeballs are now waterlogged puddles of doctrinal over-indulgence. Their brains fail to separate the who from the what. And 'who' said 'what'? Which is why they ask lots of questions all the time. "Would this link with that?" It's akin to swallowing the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica and then some. Just Google it I say. 


To divest yourself of old ministry is an act of treason. Despite the fact that the original authors of these volumes would never get their foot in the door of a Peeb church today. Get rid of it and Hales will ensure you go out with it. The utterances of men are now more important than the good book itself. The bible is a relatively minor work in the Brethren world today.


They say that cows and cars are the main contributors to greenhouse gases today. I say bullshit! They forget the thousands of PBCC adherents -who have failed to adhere, and Scientology believers who have failed to believe and who made the major step of retreating to their back yards with their wheelbarrows and matches at the ready, as their first step in getting back to reality


I can say it was a weight off my shoulders as I watched the box after box of now worthless utterances from grey men, go up in smoke in a pyre that could be seen from the heavens. Guy Fawkes himself would have approved. 


But I kept my bible. Heavens knows, it's all in there in a much purer, more concise form anyway. Neatly packaged in one 6 x 4 inch 1510 page volume. A bargain when you see what Hales is charging these days. 


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hales Exclusive Brethren Key Facts

BDH's Editor in Chief and Scapegoat Laurence.N.Marsh (Fernhurst) formerly Kingston UK

Poor simpering sot Laurie Marsh formerly CEO of the Bible and Gospel trust is in trouble again for 'tampering' with his Master's words-BDH in his incandescent rage has once again stuck in the jackboot in no uncertain way to the elderly LNM.

I suppose The MoG needs to blame some poor sod for his own words especially the 'Hatred' & 'Rat Poison' bits!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

An Interesting Missive

Dear Mr Moffitt

your address popped up while I was reading up on the brethren.My mother joined the sect in 1949 when I was a year old. My Father remained in the Methodist Church where I was brought up.

In the 1960's when Big Jim Taylor was the ruler , my mother would not eat with my Dad ,brother & me ,but ate in the kitchen & slept in her own room away from my Father.I cannot tell you what sorrow she brought into our lives.I She couldn't leave the family home as my brother was diabetic & she had to care for him. I got no love from her - she said "get thee behind me satan "when I argued with her. I am 68 now & suffer depression as a result of my terrible mother's treatment.

She was "withdrawn from "in 1968 because she lived in the same house as my Father.She then had no contact with the brethren ,but would not go to church with us.My Father died in 1994 a luckily for her she had his pension until 2010 when she died. I know another "sister"who is living in poverty because she & her husband left & the ghastly bretheren don't allow their members to have pensions.

I will never forgive the brethren & my mother for what they did to my family.

This is just a quick mail to make contact with you.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Working for the Brethren? Not the smartest idea!

I don't care what their feel good videos say.  Working for the Brethren of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (Peebsis not a good idea for anybody who is not one of them. Further, it is not even good for some of the Brethren themselves if their family does not own the business. 


I've just watched a video on You Tube of a Brethren company in the UK and they love to showcase their glittery workplace which is festooned with more gadgets and up to date IT baubles than you can poke a stick at. They are all doing it now. They all sound so wonderfully 'worldly' and integrated with 'worldly' marketing practices.


This particular mob I watched several videos on, producesenvelopes and make the claim that they are the biggest in Europe and maybe even,  the world.  And what do they put their success down to? As their managing director, turning the lights on for a 6am start says,  'Their wonderful staff!'


Of course - you can pick the Brethren employees against the worldly ones, because they stand out like Maltese Terriers at a Pit Bull convention. Anyone with sideburns or a moustache or a beard is immediately recognisable as being a non-'Peeb'. Any lady with earrings or a slightly shorter skirt or short hair is most certainly not one of them. 


And here's the thing. Sure you can work for them, but your contract and your tenure will always be prejudiced towards their own type. I mean by that that they are all family owned businesses and no 'outside' share holding or 'power job' by a 'worldly person' is allowed. So their relatives, their family members and their church members are always going to get a look in a long time before you do. 


If you have delusional plans of advancement in your professional life, abandon them now because it will never happen as it does with normal businesses, with any Brethren run concern. They cannot have worldly people taking over positions in the direct line of management of any of their businesses. That represents an unclean 'yoke' to them. And trust me brother, you don't want to be yoked with these turkeys. 


I know about this through bitter personal experience. I was one of them once. If your dad or at least a close relative does not own the business, you are probably screwed as well. Because one day, a son or nephew or an uncle or someone,is going to be shuffled in right over the top of you regardless of your years of unstinting service and loyalty.  Sure - it happens in the world as well but there at least you have a fighting chance. With the Brethren you have absolutely none


When it comes to morning tea time and lunchtime - prepare to enter into a world that you thought had long since disappeared from the face of the earth. Apartheid. Segregation. Separation - whatever you want to call it. This will leave your head spinning as to its fairness and political correctness in this day and age. They won't eat with you or socialise with you. Enter the staff canteen and prepare to eat with your own kind. Sit with them and they will stand up and leave you to it. It is illegal for them to eat with you and if you think you can turn them around with a quick drink after work - forget it. That is a sin punishable by automatic disfellowship and the loss of everything they hold dear. In fact they would get the sack as well for such a transgression.


To be fair to them,  they don't make the rulesBut such a transgression would result in them ending up in a dark place (to them) - with you! And then they'd have to get the sack because they cannot work for a Brethren business, despite doing nothing wrong professionally if they were once one of them. With me so far?  


So if you still want to go ahead with employment in a Brethren owned company, prepare to work for an organisation where you are a person who will always be beneath them and will never be accepted, no matter how good a job you do for them. You will automatically be a sort of pariah, which they will smile at and say 'Good Morning' to, but will never ever really mean it. 


The Brethren have had separation drilled into them now for nearly 60 years. In 1959 the decree was made that they MUST separate from the world and its peoples. It is unthinkable that this strange un-Christian rule will ever be reversed today. Too much has been lost through it, including thousands of their own people back in the 1960's who had families 'on the outside'. If you did not immediately cut off all contact with them, you were thrown out. Did I mention that these people call themselves Christians? No matter. But when they cut themselves off from the world, because everyone in it is evil and 'unclean', (except for them of course)that meant that they would never assimilate again with normal people. Like everyone else in the world does or tries to do


They might be human beings just like you,  but they are special human beings because they are the 'chosen ones' and you my friend sadly - are not!  So your position in their business might sound 'normal' but it is anything but. You are a toiler, a contributor, a money maker, a worker - but you are not really part of the business. Once your daily purpose is fulfilled, they wash their hands of you in more ways than you think. And they would rid themselves of you in a heartbeat without one single thought for you or your feelings if they had to


Today, Brethren owned businesses are a lot more savvy and modern in their operating methods than they were in my day. But then again,  only a bit over 15 years ago, it was illegal for them to own a computer or even a facsimile machine. They regarded the World Wide Web as a 'pipeline of filth' which is what their leader called it, and even an electronic garage door opener could get you thrown out on your ear if you had one of them. They destroyed families over some members who got interested in computers, which the world had embraced some 20 years beforehand, shall we say a little too early for their head honcho. Of course, he is a big businessman too and employs 'Worldly people'. So he could see that without computers and technology, the Brethren were going to be left behind like the Amish people if they didn't get their act together.


So if you have some years in your career left to serve, do yourself a favour. Don't be mesmerised by the glittering LED lit facades and LED screens promoting their services and their free lunches and their wares in their fancy new business premises. Sure they might give you a job, but you will never advance much - if at all. Sure you might be good at what you do. But because you are not 'one of them', you will never advance or be recognised like 'one of them' will be. And that's simply because you my friend are a 'worldly' person and that is a brand to them, that is not many rungs above the devil himself when it comes down to it


Don't say you weren't warned if you do decide to work for them. But at very least, read very carefully the contract they put before you. 


Monday, 25 July 2016

The Spoonfed False Profit(s)

One wonders in amazement why the poor morally starved Hales Exclusive Brethren Cult adherents continue to Spoonfeed Bruce D Hales with such reverence and their entire wherewithal.

Clearly the deluded chump has a hold over them.

The question is for how long will this remain to be the case?

Jack & Jill quench thirst with RRT 'Premium Water'

The provinance of the RRT water is questionable in true 'Hales' style-possibly from the 'Peckham Spring' or even 'Denial's' garden tap?